Monday, September 8, 2008

Pagi Raya Puasa

On the morning of raye the first thing to do is of course breakfast ketupat, rendang and coffee; then off to the mosque for the aidul fitri prayers; then back at home every family member salam and ask for forgiveness, the children gets their duit raye!!! yeah!!@

Note that for my family our adat salam menyalam is done quite informally. The normal pic for the salam menyalam is the parents to be seated together, the children in line to take turn to salam their parents. To us that's too regimented.

The duit raye is for raye celeb. For those who puasa penuh will get RM50. For those who tak puasa penuh will be considered for RM50.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Raya Greetings

It's customary to send greeting cards in advance before the real Hari Raya - normally to wish a happy day and ask for forgiveness. "Dulu hantar kad, kemdian e-greetings and e-mails, then SMS." Dunia dah moden.

Some links for online greetings:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bunga Api / Fireworks

Playing bunga api is a popular way to celebrate festivities. Regardless of where we celebrate raya, KL, Kelantan or even Seremban, the kids love to play with firecrackers. I particularly do not like it as it is very worrying to watch the kids holding a fire lit cracker and the noise is too loud for my ears. Actually when i was small i had my little foot finger burnt from bunga api. That experience sat deep in my head till now.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ketupat Bawang

Making ketupat bawang used to a tradition at my home in KL. When me and my bros and siss all grown married with children, mom and dad too tired to do it. I can still do the ketupat bawang weaving but no photoes to share. Found this informative site and here's the link..

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shopping Raye

It's a sunnah to wear new clothes for raya celebrations when affordable. If not wear your best clothes. For us, insyaAllah, everyone gets new baju kurung/melayu and some other day to day clothings. We kinda budget spending for new clothes for raya. Same goes for footwear when it is needed for new shoes.

Balik Kampung

While the kids were born in Kuantan and we still reside in Kuantan after 20 years, balik kampung for hari raya is a must.
Kuantan - KL
Kuantan - Kelantan
Seremban - KL
Seremban - Kelantan
Seremban - KL - Kelantan (picture shown our trip from KL to Kelantan on Raye Ketiga 2007 somewhere near Gua Musang)

When we are in Kuantan and to Raya in Kelantan we would start the trip 2 days before raya. To Raya in KL we would go the day before Raya.
But when we were in Seremban, we actually left for KL Raya morning. We were all dressed for Raya. Reaching KL, we stopped at the Gombak Mosque for Raya prayers then proceed to Atok's place. What a bless..

Fesyen Raye

OK Liyana, since you're an active follower of my blogs i dedicate this post to you.
(For those who don't know her, she's my eldest child and daughter)

(1st pic: Shereen, Azran, Liyana at age 2); (2nd pic: Liyana, Shereen at age 8);
(3rd pic: Liyana, Aween, Shereen at age 16);
(These pics were taken from Liyana's private folder on our shared PC at home. . Kak Long jangan marah..)

It's pretty obvious that Baju Kurung is a must to wear during Hari Raya for females. .. tiny, small or big; and

Baju Melayu is a must to wear for males. The complete Baju Melayu is with samping Songket and Songkok

Then there's wearing of same color and/or material for raya for siblings..

(Left: Check out the boys in same color and Liyana who're actually in same color with two other cousins. And Baba who'll always try to match me for all raya... muah..) (Right: Check out the boys of Bro Joe family in not sure of color) (Joe's pic is borrowed from Aween's of Joe sitting back left from her MySpace... i think. Hope she doesn't mind)

sometimes for the whole family.

(Left: Sis Jima and family in cool Lavender 2006) (Right: Cousin Nama and family in calm Peach 2006) (These pics are borrowed from Shereen's of Jima standing left center and of Aliya's of Nama sitting down center from their MySpace... i think. Hope they don't mind too)

Here's taking it to the extended family.. the whole of clan member kat Kelantan below 12 was in this color. Try and beat that :)

This raye Liyana and me would probably be in bling-bling.. visit

The Qurban

After the Qurban the meat will be cut into pieces and distributed to the poor and own consumption. The tradition at Mek's place is the barbeque lunch after work completion. Later sup tulang, daging bakar will be the menu for the few meals to come.


Customary to visit friends, neighbours an relatives during Raye celebration, especially Raye Puasa.

Typical crowd lepas sembahyang raya kat rumah Tok Wan -- Raya Puasa 2006 October 24

Yang ni Raya Puasa 2007. The KL bunch at Joe's place (yang melutut kat kiri with eye glasses, his wife Bayah sitting next to him. Hm... maybe i'll include a post to introduce everybody to you on this site. AND it's gonna be a LONG...ggg LIST)

Raye Kat Kuantan

Ada gak yang mana kami tak balik kampung for raye. Contoh for Raye Haji 2006 December 31st, kami tak balik.

Ketupat Palas

In Kelantan the making of ketupat palas is a must for both Raya Puasa and Raya Korban. The making is hard, especially when you only do it once a year (we only celebrate one raya in Kelantan, the other would be at KL.); but fun when it gets the whole family together.

Raya Puasa kat Kelantan 2006 Oct. The day of "Buat Ketupat" before the big day.

1) The Pulut (sweet/plain as desired) and Serunding (for fillings/inti if desired)

2) ThePalas leave - cleaned

3) The making of Ketupat Palas

Buat Kuih

For the Raya celebration great preparations are made. The house compound to be cleaned, draperies changed with new owns, new clothings (kurung and baju melayu are must), and of course the kuih raya.

Above buat kuih raye 2006 at Batu Hitam. Raye nye nanti kat Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan. The kuih was biskut cornflake madu and carrot cake. Everybody chipped in except ... penat lah tu..